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Northern Naturalist students will learn through exploration about animals, plants, water, geology, policy, and more!


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Stream through the woods

Explore the natural environment — water, shorelines, woods, rolling landscapes, dunes, plentiful trees, birds, wildflowers, and wildlife are part of what makes this “up north” region so remarkable!

Take your interest and engagement to a new level by earning a continuing education Northern Naturalist Certificate. You can increase your knowledge for personal enjoyment, volunteer work, or employment, all while exploring the natural environment through classroom and hands-on field experience.

Different courses are offered each semester, and on a schedule so that the program can be completed in two years (likely sooner, if desired). And there is no time limit to complete the program. Courses encompass a variety of formats such as face to face, livestream and hybrid.

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Enrollment and costs

It's easy and free to enroll; simply indicate your interest by emailing us or visiting our office.

Once enrolled, records will be kept for each certificate course you complete, and we'll help you follow your progress through the program.

Cost of the program varies according to the number and cost of the selected courses. Most courses range from $49 to $125. Payment is made at the time of registration for each course.


The instructors are experienced academic and area professionals with backgrounds in science, education, and the environment. Class time includes instruction and active learning; many include field trips.

For more information

We are happy to discuss this exciting program with you in greater detail. For more information, please contact us at