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Teaching with Us


We're always looking for enthusiastic instructors to lead classes. Do you have the skills and desire to teach? Turn your passion into opportunity!

Teaching with NMC Extended Education & Training

We are always offering new classes on a wide variety of topics that are of interest to the community. Please include the following when submitting a course proposal:

  • How much interest is there in this topic?
  • What would students learn in the class?
  • What is your experience teaching about this topic? (Teaching degree is not required.)
  • Prevailing health guidelines will apply to face to face classes. These classes will meet NMC safety guidelines.
Fill out our Course Proposal Form for Adult Community Classes HERE

Email Extended Education with questions or contact the appropriate Program Manager:
Abdul-Karim, Christa: Culinary, Global, Wellness, Writing, Language & Culture, Coffee Chats, Yoga
Jackson, Kristy: Northern Naturalist, Creative Arts, Dance, Recreation, Home & Hobby, Fitness, Youth Programs
Matchett, Laura: GRASP, SCECHs, New Community Partnerships
Sonnabend, Elizabeth: Business, Financial Planning, Technology, Professional Development


New to teaching for NMC Extended Education & Training?

Click on the My Profile link in the left menu to see your profile. (If you're a current Extended Education student, make sure to log into your Instructor profile, not Student.) 

Teaching with the Marine Center

If you are interested in teaching for Northwestern Michigan College's Marine Center, please email us or contact (231) 995-2500.