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Delivering learning through in-person, livestream, online and hybrid options.


For most classes (except Face to Face classes), a link to the class is emailed to students the day of class or 1-2 days prior. Courses at NMC Extended Educational Services are offered in the following formats:

Face to Face Courses IconFace-to-Face (ClassRoom) courses:

Occur in-person in an on-campus or off-campus location. Many instructors use email for the course syllabus or other resources to supplement face to face instruction.

Online Courses IconOnline courses:

These courses take place entirely online. Students are responsible for logging into the course to complete assignments and activities by specific dates. A few courses may also have labs or proctored testing which students are required to complete on-campus.

Hybrid Courses IconHybrid courses:

Blending online, face to face and/or livestream delivery, these courses use a web conferencing tool like Zoom. Most activity is done online, but there may be some required face to face instructional activities, such as lectures, discussions and labs.

Livestream Courses IconLivestream courses:

These courses meet during a regularly scheduled time via a web conferencing tool like Zoom. Email or an online platform may be used to distribute materials, submit assignments and share feedback. 

None of the options is easier or less time-consuming than the others, but some participants may find a particular delivery method a better fit for their learning style.

Generally, online, livestream and hybrid classes work well for those who have access to a computer with high-speed internet and are:

  • self-directed and willing to problem-solve independently.
  • computer-savvy and comfortable working with email, uploading, saving and downloading files, Microsoft Office or Google Docs, and basic internet search functions.
  • comfortable reading, writing and communicating online.