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Looking for financial assistance for Extended Education & Training classes?

Financial Assistance for Extended Education & Training Classes

We recognize the financial challenges that many individuals and families face today. The rising costs of living can make pursuing education seem like an unattainable dream. However, we are committed to breaking down these barriers. Education should not be out of reach; we are dedicated to providing opportunities for everyone, regardless of their economic background.

To ensure that our programs are accessible to all, we offer financial assistance to help offset the cost of classes. We understand that while costs are rising everywhere, incomes might not be keeping pace. This funding is specifically allocated to assist those who view learning as an essential part of their continued growth, but find it challenging due to financial constraints. 

This initiative is not just about providing affordable education; it's about investing in our community's future. By making education accessible, we empower individuals to pursue their dreams, enhance their skills, and contribute meaningfully to society. We believe that an educated community is a thriving community, and together, we can build a better tomorrow. 

Apply for funding assistance for an Adult (16+) Life Enrichment class.

Apply for funding assistance for a College for Kids class.

Financial Assistance for Career Training